Saturday, October 15, 2011

She Did It Anyway

For about a year and half I have wanted to start a blog.  I love looking at other blogs and dreaming about doing my own.  I have always had a creative spirit and knew I would have lots to blog about but my perfectionism always held me back.  What if people think my writing is dumb?  What is my project isn't good enough?  What if nobody reads my post?  About a year ago I took a course online by Brave Girls Club called  Soul RestorationOne of the lessons was called She Did It Anyway, which pretty much said do it if even you are scared, do it even if it is not perfect, do it even if no one will see it. Be brave and do it anyway, it has taken me a little bit longer than most to "get brave", but here I am finally!  So here's creations, inspirations, and a little bit on life!


  1. I'm so glad you conquered your fear! I am very excited to read about all your awesome projects! You are so stinkin creative and this blog will be great7

  2. See? It worked! Your first blog post is featured on some great blogs! What a way to start out of the gate...running! Can't wait to see your next projects.
    (a Beth that used to live on Maple St too)

  3. Welcome to blogland! Love your posts so far. Great job! Plus I adore your blog design.