Friday, October 25, 2013

Basement Renovation

When people step into our basement the first thing they say is "Wow, your husband has a lot of car stuff", which I then say, they are actually mine.   Well both of ours now since we've been married for 11 years, but you get the point!  I've been collecting die cast cars, Hot Wheels, and Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth things since I was 14 years old.   There are a few Chevy pieces in the collection but only because my husband likes them so I figured he should be represented at a least a little bit.  

So the basement got refinished and all the car stuff got put up. 

We decided to use corrugated metal for the ceiling, mostly because it looks awesome, but also so we can still access the pipes above, as we have hot water heat on the main level. 


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  1. After renovating your basement room, I think your guests now have more reasons to say “Wow” as they step into the room. You can really see a big improvement there! Everything looks well-organized, hence, making the place more inviting.
    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Exteriors